How to draw manga

Manga is a highly respected art form in Japan. Manga artists are highly respected not only for their skills but also for their imagination and creativity.

To draw a manga, someone must learn the characteristics of manga images. Most people who want to learn how to draw manga are usually interested in several characters in the manga series. Without knowing it, they are not only interested in the physical form of manga characters, they are also interested in character personalities.

Manga images are not difficult to drawn after you understand the basic characteristics. And here they are.

First, the manga character looks adorable. This cuteness is defined by very large eyes, almond-shaped face, and very small mouth. In fact, the face of manga characters โดจิน can look very similar, and most are distinguished by hair, sauce, and complicated accessories.

The manga face consists of a very basic shape. So there is very little I can recommend here except to practice, practice, practice. If you can master drawing one manga well, you will be able to draw other manga faces too.

The key here is to catch complicated hair. It’s not unusual to see manga characters with long hair. Many fine lines are required to draw smooth hair, so choose a sharp image tool for this purpose.

Dressing and manga character accessories are statements about who the character is. So don’t ignore this fine detail. Spiritual characters often have “floating” clothes around them (eg robes, scarves, etc.).

Warriors almost always carry a kind of luxury weapons like a sword, spear, and so on. These weapons, along with clothes, make-up of all manga characters.